Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My art is a desire to let out the images that reside in my heart and mind, and how these images make me feel.

My artworks are an expression of all these components.

The feeling is so important; When I look upon a colour, it makes me feel something.

Then I place it with another colour, that also makes me feel something.

When this comes together with an image, a form, that means something to me as well, you get a whole experience; an unafraid look directly into my soul.

The colours are emotions, complex and varied, the line work is thought, abstract and reason.

The total of all of those parts is a complete experience.

It is not just a sum of the parts anymore.

It is beyond canvas, paint, and wood.

It is my soul, my sprit, speaking to yours, unhindered.

The viewer is just as much as involved as the artist is.

The goal is never present when I begin. But it always ends up at the same place. Healing and wholeness becomes me.

Each piece is a wholeness.

This is the wonderful thing about art. It is a wholeness of communication that I cannot produce any other way.

It holds my integrity, my devotion, my overwhelming passion.

This is what I offer with my paintings, anything less and I would not show anything.

When it is done I find a stillness that can only come from completing something whole.

And I want to share all of this with you.

This is my offering to you.

~ Rebecca McIntyre