Owl tutorial template

Hi! I’m crazy excited about this tutorial that im planning. I have made a FREE template, that’s right free, giving awesome cute stuff away people. This is also a test before I release the video. I wanted to see if I upload the picture here, it would be easy to download and print. So here it is!

Why is it sideways you ask? So you can just print it to A4 paper straight from your printer! I thought about this!

So feel free to print this and if you have ANY issues please let me know so I can fix them before I release the tutorial.

I will be doing this in acrylics and it will be for beginners, I am going to go through everything step by step! So if you are interested follow me, because I will be posting the video links here!

free template please download!
free template please download!

So for those of you who need it. Click on the picture in the post, right-click the image, then select “Save Image As” and you can save to where ever you want it. And then once downloaded you can open it and select print! I just did it myself and it worked magically.


So yes! let me know if you can do it and all is well!

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